Advanced editing(info) deals with how to manipulate the trellis structure of a LingA annotation graph. The diagrams below explain the operations performed in the movie.
Unhiding arcs There are two types of phonetic labels: segmental and suprasegmental. In the phonetic annotation for the word "tutor", the "ˈ" or "primary stress" suprasegmental is an arc parallel to the arcs for the segmentals that are in that stressed syllable. shva will initially display the sequence of arcs with the shorter durations, usually the segmentals, hiding the longer suprasegmentals. To see the hidden arcs, right click on left or right brown buttons of a label, which represent the nodes. If more than one arc is present, a list of the hidden arcs is displayed for selection. When the "primary stress" arc is selected, it hides the segmentals "θ", "t" and "u". When "u" is selected, it picks up the segments "θ" and "t" preceding it, and "primary stress" is hidden again.
Cloning The placement of the "primary stress" label needs to be corrected. Instead of changing the existing label, we insert a clone of it.
Dissociating Disconnect the new arc by clicking the "dissociate" item in the right-click menu of its left button. The preceding sequence falls away. The hidden segmentals sink into the featureless sea.
Trawling To fish for the arc "θ" to connect to, right click the left orange sidebar of the label selector and drag it to the right over a span that is estimated to overlap "θ". On releasing the right button, a menu of the netted arcs appears. Also the left boundary of the label has been relocated. If you don't select from the menu, you have simply moved the left boundary.
Associating Four types of menu items would appear. In this particular example, only two.
<-----<< indicates arcs whose beginnings are outside of the sweep, but whose endings can be connected to.
>>-----> indicates arcs whose endings are outside of the sweep, but whose beginnings can be connected to.
>>----<< indicates arcs whose beginnings or endings can be connected to
<------> are for arcs crossing the span that cannot be connected to.
On selecting "θ", the beginning of "primary stress" is connected to the end of "θ", which in this case is the same as the beginning of "t". So selecting either menu items makes the same connection. The sequence leading to "θ" is then picked back up and displayed.

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