libalinga is a C++ implementation of a codec for the ALingA multi-stream format. It makes use of Libogg++.

Each ALingA stream holds at least one stream of annotation data of the LingA format. It may also interleave the signal streams against which the LingA streams are aligned, or it may simply reference such streams. It also provides information about the underlying manifold for the signals and annotations. The ALingA data is serialized as simply another logical stream.

Each FreeCLAS entry is a wiki page with an attached ALingA stream. Only version 1 of this attached stream interleaves the signal streams. The later versions hold only edited versions of the annotations, and refers to the signal streams in version 1.

The installation instruction is similar to that for Libogg++. Because libalinga depends on libogg++, the details of this dependence is needed to build libalinga. libalinga makes use of the pkg-config program to takes care of all the details for you, if you set up the environment variable like this:

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/gnutopia/lib/pkgconfig
If you installed into a prefix other than /usr/local/gnutopia, substitute that prefix in the above setting. You should do this before you configure your build. If you forget, configure will fail and remind you to do this.

The java native interface to libalinga

For each major or minor release, there may be a corresponding jni library. For the current release, it is libalinga-java1-0.0.tar.gz(info).

You do not need to build and install this library for shva, it is bundled with the web start package that gets downloaded when you click on the "shva this!" link on a FreeCLAS wiki page. It is provided to developers who may want to use libalilnga in developing other java applications.

libalinga1-0.0 features

Interface changes to how Manifold, the class for the underlying manifold, is used. This version of libalinga now depends on libogg++1.

--TEReisler, 04-Jun-2009

libalinga1-2.1 changes

1) Interface refinements to Node, Epoch, Metas.

2) LingA's default constructor allows its usage as a purely container class, without any associated transport as a logical stream of an ALingA stream.

3) Various search functions for nodes and arcs in a LingA.

4) Various bug fixes, including fixes for memory leaks.

--TEReisler, 06-Nov-2013

libalinga1-2.2 changes

1) Fix bugs in LingA::arcsIn(const Epoch &) and arcsCrossing(const Epoch &).

2) Fix bug in LingAImpl.C that enters an arc twice into arcsByEpoch.

3) libxml++2.6 later version crashes on extra data at end of document - averted.

The corresponding java native interface has also been updated.

--TEReisler, 15-Sep-2016

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libalinga-java0-0.1.tar.gz 379.334 kB 2 Mon Sep 01 13:50:42 PDT 2008 TEReisler correct license notices
libalinga-java1-0.0.tar.gz 377.302 kB 1 Thu Jun 04 12:02:56 PDT 2009 TEReisler release 1.0.0
libalinga0-0.1.tar.gz 371.71 kB 1 Wed Aug 06 20:57:00 PDT 2008 TEReisler release 0.0.1
libalinga1-0.0.tar.gz 364.999 kB 1 Thu Jun 04 11:07:34 PDT 2009 TEReisler release 1.0.0
libalinga1-2.1.tar.gz 381030 B 1 Wed Nov 06 2013 TEReisler release 1.2.1
libalinga1-2.2.tar.gz 396324 B 1 Thu Sep 15 2016 TEReisler release 1.2.2
libalinga-java1-2.2.tar.gz 410787 B 1 Thu Sep 15 2016 TEReisler release 1.2.2
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