libneuro implements a simple codec for a single stream signal data in the Neuro format. Like Libalinga, it is based on Libogg++. It is currently the only signal codec that is designed to work with Libalinga.

The installation instruction is similar to that for Libogg++. Because libneuro depends on libogg++ and libalinga, the details of this dependence is needed to build libneuro. The pkg-config program takes care of this if you set up the environment variable:

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/gnutopia/lib/pkgconfig
If you installed into a prefix other than /usr/local/gnutopia, substitute that prefix in the above setting. You should do this before you configure your build. If you forget, configure will fail and remind you to do this.

The java native interface to libneuro

For each major or minor release, there may be a corresponding jni library. For the current release, it is libneuro-java0-2.0.tar.gz(info).

You do not need to build and install this library for shva, it is bundled with the web start package that gets downloaded when you click on the "shva this!" link on a FreeCLAS wiki page. It is provided to developers who may want to use libneuro in developing other java applications.

libneuro0-2.0 features

Neuro now has a constructor for reading a logical stream of a specified serial no. libneuro0-2.0 depends on libogg++1.

--TEReisler, 04-Jun-2009

libneuro0-2.1 changes

Syntactical fixes for g++ >=4.6.

--TEReisler, 06-Nov-2013

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libneuro-java0-0.1.tar.gz 352.506 kB 1 Mon Jul 21 17:17:22 PDT 2008 TEReisler jni release 0.0.1
libneuro-java0-2.0.tar.gz 337.318 kB 1 Thu Jun 04 12:55:12 PDT 2009 TEReisler jni release 0.2.0
libneuro0-0.1.tar.gz 341.395 kB 1 Sun Jul 20 13:28:15 PDT 2008 TEReisler release 0.0.1
libneuro0-2.0.tar.gz 325.744 kB 1 Thu Jun 04 13:04:23 PDT 2009 TEReisler release 0.2.0
libneuro0-2.1.tar.gz ? kB 1 Wed Nov 06 2013 TEReisler release 0.2.1
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