This is a collaborative effort that will flourish in an atmosphere of friendliness and openness. Naturally, people disagree from time to time, or even frequently. There is not a thing wrong with legitimate disagreement. We encourage it. Sometimes, people will even lose their cool about issues and matters they are passionate about.

Nevertheless, we fully expect users in this community to conduct themselves in a manner that fosters, rather than discourages collaboration. For example, try to avoid ad hominem attacks, vendettas, bombast, self-aggrandizement, blood-letting sarcasm, screeds, harangues, humiliation and various other forms of poster-cidal excesses. Although civil adult behavior sometimes requires obeisance to more formal interaction than is common in the 21st Century, in the context of this community, we prefer civility - even if somewhat artificial - to unbridled on line behavior that might spoil the community effort. We recommend that users ponder before they post, reflect before they react and think before they thype.

Please assume that other contributers to this community act in good faith, as you would want them to assume that you have acted toward them. This is just another form of the Golden Rule digitized. Sometimes people say or write things which inadvertently expresses what they really do not mean. Sometimes, people are not writing in their native languages and, therefore, may not fluently express their intentions. Sometimes, very bright people just do not write very clearly. Be charitable and open minded: do not assume that every criticism, every correction or every disagreement is anything other than well intentioned.

If a user offend thee, whack him not. Rather, leave a polite message and inquire. You may find that you have avoided a misunderstanding, unnecessary stress and saved yourself some embarrassment.

Please restrict your comments to the subject matters of this community. This is not the appropriate site to exhibit all points of view on all subject. Please stay on message. Be succinct. Get to the point. Be clear. Be thoughtful. Avoid needless meanders.

Although not all are, we recognize that most people are humans (most of the time) and humans, unlike computers, do screw up from time to time. Repeated transgressions of this code of conduct, however, may result in a warning or even banishment. If your transgression is sufficiently extreme, however, we reserve the right to take immediate action. Thus, if someone engaged in a vitriolic attack on another, we reserve the right to immediately block that user.

Please note that this site, its pages and the underlying software are subject to various licensing protocols such as the Creative Commons license noted at the bottom of this page. Please observe the applicable license conditions. Do not appropriate that which is available in common and do not insert proprietary or exclusively copyrighted code or material into the common space.

Last but not least, this code of conduct is not meant to be used offensively against any other user or contributor. Any attempt to use this code for the purpose of ostracizing, humiliating or otherwise haranguing another is itself disruptive, and may itself result in warnings or blocks.

Be easy. Pax vopostum.

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